Jamaica Nice

Just want to let all our friends know that our trip to Jamaica was well spent. We landed in Mo-bay on December 29th and departed January 10th. We were met at the airport by my brother-in-law, Owen, nephew, Kiefer and niece, Shamoy. After an hour of what seemed like a roller coaster ride, we met up with my family in Little London then head on down to Lost Beach and got checked in. We played at Lost Beach Resort, New Year's eve, January 5th and 6th. It was a blast being in Jamaica and feeling the vibe of all the Jamaican people and visitors we met down there. We combined the band with long time musician friends Stash (rhythm Guitar), Rufus (Percussion), Cookoo (Keys and background vocals), Fyah (percussion) for the show on January 6th, it brings a lot of joy and memories. We journeyed down to Negril, Bourbon Beach, Alfred's and Roots Bamboo most of the other nights we had off. I played with Friends at Bourbon Beach and Roots Bamboo backing the likes of Yellowman, Alton Ellis, George Nooks, Bunny Brown, Bobby Dread and more.. but the highlight for Mystic Vibrations was at Alfred's, when we performed a few songs at the request of my long time brethren and fellow musicians 'Profile' and Chellum. We would like to send our love to the crew at Lost Beach for all the love we've recieved, The Walch's for their kindness, Jennifer you were magnificent, Lisa you are always smiling, Cebert, Tasha, Seption, Angie, Donavan, Musky, Mis Harvey, Nicole, Heidi, Docky and Nickeisha. We would like to send a special thanks to my sisters for the best Birthday party Janae and I had, Donna, Marsha, Paula and Dale and all the kids. My Brother Lance, you know you are the best. Renee you know you warm my heart. Sharon for your lovely and delicious cooking. My nephew Arnel for spinning some of the most concious music for a youth your age, in between sets at Lost Beach. Garrett Keep up the promotion, one day you will look back on the struggling days. Adrian, I hope when I get back you will be able to play a song on the guitar and Palmer will be able to jam with us on the drums. This trip has opened a lot of doors for us and we are certainly looking forward to do it all over again. Raheem and Melody had a blast, Matt was adapted by so many families in the area, Janae on her second trip was at home, as for me it was good to touch the soil again and link with friends and family. I see the youths are on a positive path in my hometown, running studios, promoting shows, getting bands together. It makes me feel proud to be a link of the founding chain. We want to also big up Jammin's car rental for the support, they can be reached at mbadaloo@cwjamaica.com . Also a special big up to my brother Chip for the microphones and the support, nuff thanks Fox for the PA and drum set. Everything was smoothe sailing because of all the effort all these people put fort, Inity is always strength. For all who are travelling to Jamaica and need a quiet place to relax, please consider Lost Beach Resort (www.lostbeach.com). This will be an adventure in itself. Thanks one and all. Jah guidance. -Ras Ric