The Manger - Studio

The Manger is the name of our current Recording Studio. We chose this name for its location and humble beginnings. The Manger occupies a one room area that reminds us of the birth of Yeshua. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and software because we strive for the ultimate in music production and quality. So far, two albums have been recorded and mixed in The Manger: "Visions" by Reggae Infinity and "Stand Up For The Rights" by State Side Lion. Our own "Busy Street" was remixed in The Manger. We work with various genres of music but our focus is Roots Reggae. We aim to expand to accomodate a live band setting in the near future, but for now we are limited to laying tracks in overdub style. We have recently teamed up with 'Khaya Bingi Productions' to record an album, four tracks are completed as we speak: "Hottie, You, Wanna Love You and Wan Go Home." At the same time we are in the finishing stages of Mystic Vibrations' new album "WhyThey Cry". An upgraded Manger Recording Studio is in the works as we speak, in the comfortable yard of Ras Ric and Breezy...coming soon to help us spread the message to all the corners of the Earth.

Drink Small Ph.,D - 'The Blues Doctor'

The Manger was blessed to record "The Blues Doctor", Drink Small PHD. A true living legend of the blues, Drink is still doing his think. One of the highlights of the session was a track called "Jamaican Blues" in which Drink, dabbled in the Reggae Rythm and just flowed with it as if he was in this genre forever. Moses held a tight bass, Ras Ric held the keys, drum programming and engineering with live drums. Overall the session was lots of fun and great vibes!!

Bess Daniels - Vocalist

Once again The Manger was grateful to accomodate the presence of one of the greatest vocalists of our time. Bess Daniels is her name, a singer of great caliber and talent. Discovered by Moses, he arranged to have her visit us in The Manger. Once I heard her, I was inspired and started creating some rhythm tracks in her style, which is, R an' B, Jazz and Blues with a twist of my Caribbean heritage added. The union has created a master piece collection, which will soon to be released on the "Mystik Muzik" label. We are proud of our progress thus far, a lot more to come.

Reggae Infinity - Band

Reggae Infinity is no stranger to The a matter of fact, the leader of Reggae Infinity is a founding member of Mystic Vibrations. They have recorded and mixed in The Manger and are still working out of it's four walls. Many more to come from our relationship with Reggae Infinity. In the meantime, please check out the album "Vision" to support our Idren.

State Side Lion - Sing J

State Side Lion's debut album "Stand Up For Your Rights" was recorded and mixed in The Manger. It was a blast working with the Lion, his style is, what we call Sing J, it is an energetic and exciting style.

Denver "Copter" Drummond - Singer and Song Writer