Nesta Fest 

Helping to keep the Spirit of Father Marley alive and burning, we send Love to all those involved in and in attendance at Nesta Fest this year of 2016. Grateful to have been a part of the movement. Surrounded by high consciousness, individuals standing strong from deep roots of all ages...the vibe was so refreshing. Bless Bless Bless. 

An Apple Annie's a Day.... 

I feel sure the Vibrations that came alive inside Apple Annie's in Florence, SC would most certainly keep the doctor away! Love, Laughter, Dancing, and Roots Reggae.....A sweet and cozy spot. Big up Annie's!! 

High Vibes at Nacho Hippo 

A new spot for Mystic to play...Nacho Hippo restaurant in Myrtle Beach was truly a pleasure to discover! Giving thanks for the support and blessing to participate. The whole of the staff is  friendly and vibed with us all evening, even themselves requesting an encore!! Love all the way. Looking forward to coming to see you guys in the future!

Greetings, Rusty Anchor! 

Mystic just had the pleasure of bringing our Vibrations to a new-to-us venue...a waterfront restaurant called Rusty Anchor in Chapin, SC. We give thanks to the establishment who were blessedly accomodating and caring. Much Love. Sweet setting, and nice to meet fresh faces as well as to catch up with some familiar friends, being it was close to home. We are so looking forward to revisiting! Hope you are there with us! 

Sumter Arts Fest 

Mystic Vibrations, again, had the pleasure to visit Sumter, South Carolina for its annual Arts Festival on April 9th. Sweet to be involved in such a Vibration, an abundance of hand cooked food, African drummers, and other bands who were just wonderful to hear from! Right down the road from Morris College in Sumter, there was a nice mix of all ages....Everyone and Everything in harmony. Blessed. Hope you all will join in with us next year!! -Sister Breezy

Frank's Big 60 Blowout 

Mystic Vibrations had the blessing to join our Brother, Frank for his 60th birthday party on March 26th... It was an exceptionally special evening for us as a band, an anniverssary, as we also played along with Frank for his 50th year celebration of Life. The get together took place at 5 Faber Street in Charleston, South Carolina. A wonderful spot for a party indeed! We give thanks to those who provided great food and warm shelter for us on this day, and always to Frank and Family. Bless. -Sister Breezy

Welcome Moses 

For all the fans that love Moses, we have good news... Moses is in the saddle once again! It is always fun to play with an experienced musician such as Moses. Makes the music flow smooth and the shows go by too fast. That's because with Moses, we are always having fun. Glad to have him back. -Ras Ric

Jamaica Nice 

Just want to let all our friends know that our trip to Jamaica was well spent. We landed in Mo-bay on December 29th and departed January 10th. We were met at the airport by my brother-in-law, Owen, nephew, Kiefer and niece, Shamoy. After an hour of what seemed like a roller coaster ride, we met up with my family in Little London then head on down to Lost Beach and got checked in. We played at Lost Beach Resort, New Year's eve, January 5th and 6th. It was a blast being in Jamaica and feeling the vibe of all…

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Return Of The Bass Don 

We would like to announce the return or our brother Raheem, the original Bass Player and co-founder of Mystic Vibrations. It is with open arms that we welcome our brother and we are looking forward to this leg of the journey. Life sometimes curve things around just to swing them forward. We just have to keep an open mind. Jah Blessings. -Ras Ric

Mystic Vibrations Welcomes New Members 

This summer, Mystic Vibrations welcomes a new bass player, Wil Curry from Spartanburg, SC. We also embrace the return of Matthew Flemming on drums. These musicians have added a new level of originality and creative fire to our music. Knowing that together, the drum and bass compose the foundation of reggae music, we look forward to soaring to even greater heights. -Sis Janae