. . . Songs such as “Now You’ve Grown” and “Babylon System” reveal Ras Ric’s vocal maturity. The instrumental “Voices In The Wind” hints at Ras Ric’s true strength, a surprise that his live audience at the State of the Union enjoyed; an acute performance on lead guitar comparable to Earnest Ranglin. Mystic Vibrations’ projects have all been independently orchestrated. Their label, album, and current tour are all made possible by their own conviction to achieving their objectives . . . The band is adamant about establishing solid roots and spreading the word to all people, no matter where. The word being, “One Love”.” - Robin Satcher

— Rastafari Today

STARHILL BREWERY Charlottesville, VA “Many in attendance made sixty-minute-plus treks to the club, rewarded also, with an amazing opening band from Columbia, South Carolina (by the of Westmoreland JA and Belize)…Mystic Vibrations. Their many dates in neighboring Richmond attest to their popularity, the first chords onstage inciting the dance floor…making you wonder if there would be energy left for the headliners!…massive inna di dancehall!” - Scott "Goldfinger" Schisler

— Reggae Vibrations, WTJU Charlottesville 91.1FM

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the band for the incredible show Saturday at Finlay Park. It was one of our most successful concerts to date. Not only was the crowd phenomenal, but the energy and enthusiasm were fantastic as well. Thank you for your time and energy in creating a fantastic performance. It was a pleasure to work with you and the band; I look forward to working with you again. Thanks again for the great performance!” - Blake Daniels - Special Projects Coordinator

— Columbia Action Council

Greetings, …I must say that it’s a great roots reggae album, one of the best reggae albums ever made out of the USA. This band did the “Busy Street” Album with a lot of love and respect for reggae music, every dj haffi support them and give Mystic Vibrations airplay which will help them move forward. Peace” - Tal Grubstein AKA Dr. Reggae

— "Reggae Power - Radio Eshel" Israel

Greetings, It’s a GREAT album, love it! Respect. While tuned to it, I could feel that you all love and know how to do di Real reggae, also I may say it’s one of the best reggae albums out of the USA. Thanks for sending it to me. Going to play a few tracks on our upcoming shows. I will post to you playlists. Keep on doing the good work, and I wish you all the best and success you truly deserve. One LOVE.” - Tal Grubstein AKA Dr. Reggae

— "Reggae Power - Radio Eshel" Israel

(In response to "Dub Games", Mystic Vibrations' featured track on Tanty Record's Dub Funk 4:Rise of the Eclectic Dread) . . . 'Dub Games' is a Dub of "Rasta Nuh Play Games' by Mystic Vibrations from JA via the US. The rolling rhythm of the track is overlaid with the brass and outstanding vocal melodies of the original. The album is worth having for the vocal drop on this track along, trust me!” - YR

— YR's Pick of the Week

Busy Street (Mystik Muzik, 2004 [orig. released 1999]) If you're like me, you may have run out looking for the individual albums from the artists on the world reggae showcase R.A.W. 2000, some successfully -- like Reggae Cowboys, Isaac Haile Selassie, Jerri Jheto, Root Awakening, and Tonca -- some not so successfully -- Mystic Vibrations included. Busy Street was originally released in 1999, but distribution appears to have been limited, and in 2004 it was remixed and re-released, with an added dub version of the title track that was included on R.A.W. 2000. And thank goodness, because this album needs to be heard. It's quite simply a modern classic, a gorgeous testament to the power of music. Although Mystic Vibrations (not to be confused with Mystic Revealers) is now based in South Carolina, the group -- specifically, lead singer Charlton "Ras Ric" Williams -- has roots in Jamaica, and they meld the sound of both countries perfectly. There is a soulful, mildly pop appeal to their brand of roots and lovers rock that should draw in both reggae diehards and newcomers alike. Listening to Busy Street, I can't help but feel like I'm hearing an early '80s (complete with occasional synth elements) classic set from the Wailing Souls, Twinkle Brothers, or Gladiators. (I could even compare their sound to perhaps an English-language Gondwana.) Every song is heartfelt and irresistible, ranging from the pining love songs "Now You've Grown" and "Still on My Mind" to the blazing cultural roots of "Babylon System" and "Tell Me." Do yourself a favor and check it out at cdbaby.com” - Mark Harris

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