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Sweet Honeycomb

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This track was arrange by my Ithren Stevie Love, he played Bass guitar and Keyboards, while Sandrum played drums.
They were on tour with 'The Mighty Diamonds' and was on their way to Asheville NC, to perform. They made a quick stop, we break bread and do what we do best, create music. I then was on my way to a show with Mystic Vibrations and was playing a rough mix of the track, Moses heard it and started writing some lyrics and we collaborated and finished writing and this is the result. Hope you'll fuljoy it.


Ah ha ha ha

She gimme sweet lovin' in the morning
Last me all through the day
She gimme some lovin' in the evening
It lasted 'til the morning light
Everyday I go to work
Singing this song in my heart
Carries a sweet melody
Ease me on through my day

I love my
Sweet Honeycomb
Sweet Honeycomb
Sweet Honeycomb
Sweet Honeycomb

She gimme such good lovin' last evening
My dreary day was still sunny and bright
Basking in the warm glow of here loving
Kept a smile on my face as I journey on