My Brother and Friend Tony

May 26 and 27 are two nights in the history of Mystic Vibrations I will never forget. We had two shows back to back in Wilmington, North Carolina and our bass player did not show up for departure and could not be reached by phone. After we were behind schedule for an hour, I decided this is getting way redeculous waiting around. I jumped on the phone and called my brother Tony up and ask him if he was busy or have any shows scheduled for the weekend, his answer was no, why? I told him I needed a bassist for the weekend, he said he could do it. With a bit of relief we started our journey, not knowing what to expect, though we all have a lot of confidence that it would be alright. Alright is an understatement, Tony played his heart out for us this weekend and never mis a lick, without any rehearsal with us whatsoever. This is a stroke of genius and is highly appreciated in the Mystic camp. Tony is the bass man for the Unchained Band, based in Wilmington North Carolina and is always at shows that come through the area, supporting other musicians whenever possible. I've known the brother since early 90's and he is one solid bassman. Give thanks Tony, see you around. Nuff respect and Jah guide. -Ras Ric