Mystic Vibrations Alongside Anthony B

It was with great pleasure that we share the same stage with an artist that is truly concious and uplifting. We started out in Asheville's beautiful mountains, which is home of some of the most rootsy and heartical people on the planet. The show was well recieved for all performers. Mystic Vibrations did their piece up front and was welcome by one and all at the Grey Eagle, that night on the 14th February. It was a wonderful experience for us. Next up should have been Slinky but unfortunately he had a car accident that got the better of him, may his soul rest in peace. We send our condolences to his family. This was something traggic and we know it must've been devastating to his family. He was up and coming, we will mis the I. Soul Majestic from the California area is touring with Anthony B and did a great performance, they were also well recieved. By the time Anthony B hit the stage it was fire red. "Bring back the water pumping mek me dance wid me lady", " Fire 'pon Rome" draw all the lighters out. Anthony B is truly holding the flag high with truth and rights. His band "The Untouchable" is solid and strong and keep that solid drum and bass pumping. After the show I an I journey to Columbia, with one stop only to gas up. My idren Ken who journied with us on this leg, kept asking if I man was sleepy, I man can't sleep after a show with so much energy. We moved on to Ziggy's in Winston Salem to do it again with the same line up. The vibe was just as powerful, great turn out and lots of good vibes. Over all it was a blessing and we give thanks to Tim from "One Vibe Promotions", J from Ziggy's and DJ for making this possible. Most thanks goes to the almighty for health and strength to carry on his works. Nuff Respect and thanks to all who supported, I know some journied all the way from Salem Virginia and Charleston South Carolina. Reggae music the father's music, hafe play. -Ras Ric