Robert Nestor Marley "Cultural Awareness" Award

Mystic Vibrations journey has been one that, like any other, filled with ups and downs. So when an organization like the Caribbean Alliance consider us as deserving of such a honor, it carries a lot of weight. We are totally independent of any record company and depend solely on what we do year in and year out to support our every move. Whether it be recording, CD production etc.. For one to observe what we do, we are most grateful for that. The Robert Nestor Marley "Cultural Awareness" award was given to us on October 22nd, 2005 at a show we did for the organization in Finlay park, Columbia, South Carolina. The concert was part of an annual Caribbean day celebration. We were very thrilled to be apart of this celerbration and to have recieved an unexpected award. We would very much like to thank Chris Rich and the staff, for recognizing us as an ambassador for Reggae music. We will continue to press harder and bring this music to the massive. Nuff Respect. -Ras Ric.