From the recording Patient Man

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Love is Waiting

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Recorded: Carl Blackmon Studio
Bass: George Raheem Johnson
Drums and Percussion: Dion Caution Samuel
Keys: Marcus Ruby and Carl Blackmon
Guitar: Charlton Ras Ric Williams
Lead Vocals: Charlton Ras Ric Williams
Background Vocals: Charlton Ras Ric Williams


Written by: Charlton Williams

Love is waiting oh baby

Age is but a number, pick one and stand in line, ;cause love is waitin' the corner, love is waitin' 'round the bend
If you wanna be my lover, if you wanna be my friend, all you got to do is come on over hold me in your arms, never let me go
We could share our lives together, walk along life sandy shores, hand in hand we'd walk together, lots of smile and laughter as we dance our nights away

Love is waiting, love is waitin