From the recording Patient Man

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Need To Make A Move

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Lead Vocal: Charlton 'Ras Ric' Williams
Background Vocal: Trescott 'Jahmai' James
Percussion: Dion 'Caution' Samuel
Keyboards: Trescott 'Jahmai' James
Guitar and Bass: Charlton 'Ras Ric' Williams


Woke up this morning, can't help nut to feel trapped, stuck and disheartened
not much to do in my neighborhood, make me feel a little stagnated.
I was born an' grown in this surroundings, yes I love it to my heart an' soul.

Seeing all dem same faces, been around dem same places huh, my feet yearn to trek new traces, you get me out of these braces now.

Need to make a move
Need to get in the groove
Need to make a move
Need to get in the groove

Many a times I feel like leaving, sometimes I feel I just can't go on but how can I break my family bond but destiny is calling me
Trying to lead me to greener pastures, still my feet stay grounded.

My pot of gold is at the rainbow's end but my heart won't let me no
The grass seem greener way up yonder's bend, still my heart won't let me no