New Year's Strong End

Mystic Vibrations has always done New Years eve parties but 2005 leading into 2006 was special. Starting out at Kefi in the wrightsville beach area was a blast as usual. We been doing the new year's eve ball there for more than six years and it has always been great. The night started out with the Unknown Souldiers Band, they lay down a scorching 45 minutes set, then make way for Mystic Vibrations to ring in the new year, the crowd went wild at midnight when Ras Ric announce 'no more tricks in two thousand six...' Always a great time with the Wrightsville beach/Wilmington massive. We moved on to Tropical Heat in Charlotte NC, that was just a blast. With artist like Nancy (Bam Bam), Johnny Osborne (No Ice Cream Love), Dobby Dobson (Lovin' Pauper) all backed by Mystic Vibrations, that was the real deal. Dobby came out and did his thing. Though he lost his voice on previous shows, he gave a wonderful show and the audience recieved him with open arms. Next came Nancy rocking and grooving, swinging and dipping with some clean dancehall style, when Nancy touch 'Bam Bam' the audience couldn't help but to sing along. Nancy got a lot of forward and that's when you know dance sweet. The night belongs to Johnny Osbourne though, here is an artist that span many decades playing Reggae music, in the dancehall, studios, stages, dubplates.. you name it and to see him going this strong is truly a blessing. This is not our first time backing Johnny and he seem to be at home with us and just let it flow. Pressor we respect the effort, we know it is a lot of challenge but Jah music must play. After the show in Charlotte we drove straight to Jacksonville Florida for a show with Honey Comb ( Tony Rebel's younger brother). Thou the show was not a lot in attendance a foundation was laid. Honey Comb is very promising and in the near future we are sure that his name will be all over the place, as an up and coming singer he has a lot of experiences touring with his bigger brother Tony Rebel. His direction as an artist is very inspiring and as roots as one can get. Great singer and performer. Sobaak was another performer on the Jacksonville bill, nice clean dancehall style, his style is a crowd rocker. Lots more to come from this entertainer. Oneness production was responsible for the show. Martin is the head of Oneness Production and is a true souldier of Reggae Music, he is in tune with the way to make artist feel at home. This is a company that is going places. Over all the experiences were inspiring and uplifting. Lot of promises for the future. Don't forget to check Honey Comb at Rebel Salute in Jamaica, Saturday, January 14, 2006. Jah Guidance