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Nesta Fest - May 11, 2016

Helping to keep the Spirit of Father Marley alive and burning, we send Love to all those involved in and in attendance at Nesta Fest this year of 2016. Grateful to have been a part of the movement. Surrounded by high consciousness, individuals standing strong from deep roots of all ages...the vibe was so refreshing. Bless Bless Bless. 

An Apple Annie's a Day.... - May 6, 2016

I feel sure the Vibrations that came alive inside Apple Annie's in Florence, SC would most certainly keep the doctor away! Love, Laughter, Dancing, and Roots Reggae.....A sweet and cozy spot. Big up Annie's!! 

High Vibes at Nacho Hippo - May 5, 2016

A new spot for Mystic to play...Nacho Hippo restaurant in Myrtle Beach was truly a pleasure to discover! Giving thanks for the support and blessing to participate. The whole of the staff is  friendly and vibed with us all evening, even themselves requesting an encore!! Love all the way. Looking forward to coming to see you guys in the future!

Greetings, Rusty Anchor! - April 30, 2016

Mystic just had the pleasure of bringing our Vibrations to a new-to-us venue...a waterfront restaurant called Rusty Anchor in Chapin, SC. We give thanks to the establishment who were blessedly accomodating and caring. Much Love. Sweet setting, and nice to meet fresh faces as well as to catch up with some familiar friends, being it was close to home. We are so looking forward to revisiting! Hope you are there with us! 

Sumter Arts Fest - April 10, 2016

Mystic Vibrations, again, had the pleasure to visit Sumter, South Carolina for its annual Arts Festival on April 9th. Sweet to be involved in such a Vibration, an abundance of hand cooked food, African drummers, and other bands who were just wonderful to hear from! Right down the road from Morris College in Sumter, there was a nice mix of all ages....Everyone and Everything in harmony. Blessed. Hope you all will join in with us next year!! -Sister Breezy

Frank's Big 60 Blowout - March 26, 2016

Mystic Vibrations had the blessing to join our Brother, Frank for his 60th birthday party on March 26th... It was an exceptionally special evening for us as a band, an anniverssary, as we also played along with Frank for his 50th year celebration of Life. The get together took place at 5 Faber Street in Charleston, South Carolina. A wonderful spot for a party indeed! We give thanks to those who provided great food and warm shelter for us on this day, and always to Frank and Family. Bless. -Sister Breezy

Welcome Moses - May 11, 2009

For all the fans that love Moses, we have good news... Moses is in the saddle once again! It is always fun to play with an experienced musician such as Moses. Makes the music flow smooth and the shows go by too fast. That's because with Moses, we are always having fun. Glad to have him back. -Ras Ric

Jamaica Nice - January 16, 2007

Just want to let all our friends know that our trip to Jamaica was well spent. We landed in Mo-bay on December 29th and departed January 10th. We were met at the airport by my brother-in-law, Owen, nephew, Kiefer and niece, Shamoy. After an hour of what seemed like a roller coaster ride, we met up with my family in Little London then head on down to Lost Beach and got checked in. We played at Lost Beach Resort, New Year's eve, January 5th and 6th. It was a blast being in Jamaica and feeling the vibe of all the Jamaican people and visitors we met down there. We combined the band with long time musician friends Stash (rhythm Guitar), Rufus (Percussion), Cookoo (Keys and background vocals), Fyah (percussion) for the show on January 6th, it brings a lot of joy and memories. We journeyed down to Negril, Bourbon Beach, Alfred's and Roots Bamboo most of the other nights we had off. I played with Friends at Bourbon Beach and Roots Bamboo backing the likes of Yellowman, Alton Ellis, George Nooks, Bunny Brown, Bobby Dread and more.. but the highlight for Mystic Vibrations was at Alfred's, when we performed a few songs at the request of my long time brethren and fellow musicians 'Profile' and Chellum. We would like to send our love to the crew at Lost Beach for all the love we've recieved, The Walch's for their kindness, Jennifer you were magnificent, Lisa you are always smiling, Cebert, Tasha, Seption, Angie, Donavan, Musky, Mis Harvey, Nicole, Heidi, Docky and Nickeisha. We would like to send a special thanks to my sisters for the best Birthday party Janae and I had, Donna, Marsha, Paula and Dale and all the kids. My Brother Lance, you know you are the best. Renee you know you warm my heart. Sharon for your lovely and delicious cooking. My nephew Arnel for spinning some of the most concious music for a youth your age, in between sets at Lost Beach. Garrett Keep up the promotion, one day you will look back on the struggling days. Adrian, I hope when I get back you will be able to play a song on the guitar and Palmer will be able to jam with us on the drums. This trip has opened a lot of doors for us and we are certainly looking forward to do it all over again. Raheem and Melody had a blast, Matt was adapted by so many families in the area, Janae on her second trip was at home, as for me it was good to touch the soil again and link with friends and family. I see the youths are on a positive path in my hometown, running studios, promoting shows, getting bands together. It makes me feel proud to be a link of the founding chain. We want to also big up Jammin's car rental for the support, they can be reached at . Also a special big up to my brother Chip for the microphones and the support, nuff thanks Fox for the PA and drum set. Everything was smoothe sailing because of all the effort all these people put fort, Inity is always strength. For all who are travelling to Jamaica and need a quiet place to relax, please consider Lost Beach Resort ( This will be an adventure in itself. Thanks one and all. Jah guidance. -Ras Ric

Return Of The Bass Don - November 13, 2006

We would like to announce the return or our brother Raheem, the original Bass Player and co-founder of Mystic Vibrations. It is with open arms that we welcome our brother and we are looking forward to this leg of the journey. Life sometimes curve things around just to swing them forward. We just have to keep an open mind. Jah Blessings. -Ras Ric

Mystic Vibrations Welcomes New Members - August 14, 2006

This summer, Mystic Vibrations welcomes a new bass player, Wil Curry from Spartanburg, SC. We also embrace the return of Matthew Flemming on drums. These musicians have added a new level of originality and creative fire to our music. Knowing that together, the drum and bass compose the foundation of reggae music, we look forward to soaring to even greater heights. -Sis Janae

Moses Departs Mystic Vibrations - June 9, 2006

Moses has been holding bass position since April 28, 2002 but just at his fourth year with the band he announces his departure, due to health problems he was experiencing. This is a great loss to us at the Mystic camp and we are sure for lots of fans that adores Moses presence at each and every show we play. This is beyond our control and he will be missed by each and everyone of us in the band. We know it takes a lot to fill a veteran.s shoe but we are working on it with our new bass player Wil. Wil is a young but promising bass player and he is willing to do what it takes to get to the level that Mystic Vibrations demand of any player. We will talk about Wil in another publication. The latest we have heard about Moses is that he is in the Hispital, recovering from injuries he suffered, while working on a construction site. For all the fans that would like to get in touch with him, you could call The Richland Memorial at 803-434-6324, Room # 732. Moses real name is Frank Mitchell, so you might need to ask for that name instead of his stage name. We are wishing him a speedy recovery from this tragic mishap. Jah Guide. -Ras Ric

My Brother and Friend Tony - May 29, 2006

May 26 and 27 are two nights in the history of Mystic Vibrations I will never forget. We had two shows back to back in Wilmington, North Carolina and our bass player did not show up for departure and could not be reached by phone. After we were behind schedule for an hour, I decided this is getting way redeculous waiting around. I jumped on the phone and called my brother Tony up and ask him if he was busy or have any shows scheduled for the weekend, his answer was no, why? I told him I needed a bassist for the weekend, he said he could do it. With a bit of relief we started our journey, not knowing what to expect, though we all have a lot of confidence that it would be alright. Alright is an understatement, Tony played his heart out for us this weekend and never mis a lick, without any rehearsal with us whatsoever. This is a stroke of genius and is highly appreciated in the Mystic camp. Tony is the bass man for the Unchained Band, based in Wilmington North Carolina and is always at shows that come through the area, supporting other musicians whenever possible. I've known the brother since early 90's and he is one solid bassman. Give thanks Tony, see you around. Nuff respect and Jah guide. -Ras Ric

Robert Nestor Marley "Cultural Awareness" Award - February 23, 2006

Mystic Vibrations journey has been one that, like any other, filled with ups and downs. So when an organization like the Caribbean Alliance consider us as deserving of such a honor, it carries a lot of weight. We are totally independent of any record company and depend solely on what we do year in and year out to support our every move. Whether it be recording, CD production etc.. For one to observe what we do, we are most grateful for that. The Robert Nestor Marley "Cultural Awareness" award was given to us on October 22nd, 2005 at a show we did for the organization in Finlay park, Columbia, South Carolina. The concert was part of an annual Caribbean day celebration. We were very thrilled to be apart of this celerbration and to have recieved an unexpected award. We would very much like to thank Chris Rich and the staff, for recognizing us as an ambassador for Reggae music. We will continue to press harder and bring this music to the massive. Nuff Respect. -Ras Ric.

Mystic Vibrations Alongside Anthony B - February 23, 2006

It was with great pleasure that we share the same stage with an artist that is truly concious and uplifting. We started out in Asheville's beautiful mountains, which is home of some of the most rootsy and heartical people on the planet. The show was well recieved for all performers. Mystic Vibrations did their piece up front and was welcome by one and all at the Grey Eagle, that night on the 14th February. It was a wonderful experience for us. Next up should have been Slinky but unfortunately he had a car accident that got the better of him, may his soul rest in peace. We send our condolences to his family. This was something traggic and we know it must've been devastating to his family. He was up and coming, we will mis the I. Soul Majestic from the California area is touring with Anthony B and did a great performance, they were also well recieved. By the time Anthony B hit the stage it was fire red. "Bring back the water pumping mek me dance wid me lady", " Fire 'pon Rome" draw all the lighters out. Anthony B is truly holding the flag high with truth and rights. His band "The Untouchable" is solid and strong and keep that solid drum and bass pumping. After the show I an I journey to Columbia, with one stop only to gas up. My idren Ken who journied with us on this leg, kept asking if I man was sleepy, I man can't sleep after a show with so much energy. We moved on to Ziggy's in Winston Salem to do it again with the same line up. The vibe was just as powerful, great turn out and lots of good vibes. Over all it was a blessing and we give thanks to Tim from "One Vibe Promotions", J from Ziggy's and DJ for making this possible. Most thanks goes to the almighty for health and strength to carry on his works. Nuff Respect and thanks to all who supported, I know some journied all the way from Salem Virginia and Charleston South Carolina. Reggae music the father's music, hafe play. -Ras Ric

New Year's Strong End - January 6, 2006

Mystic Vibrations has always done New Years eve parties but 2005 leading into 2006 was special. Starting out at Kefi in the wrightsville beach area was a blast as usual. We been doing the new year's eve ball there for more than six years and it has always been great. The night started out with the Unknown Souldiers Band, they lay down a scorching 45 minutes set, then make way for Mystic Vibrations to ring in the new year, the crowd went wild at midnight when Ras Ric announce 'no more tricks in two thousand six...' Always a great time with the Wrightsville beach/Wilmington massive. We moved on to Tropical Heat in Charlotte NC, that was just a blast. With artist like Nancy (Bam Bam), Johnny Osborne (No Ice Cream Love), Dobby Dobson (Lovin' Pauper) all backed by Mystic Vibrations, that was the real deal. Dobby came out and did his thing. Though he lost his voice on previous shows, he gave a wonderful show and the audience recieved him with open arms. Next came Nancy rocking and grooving, swinging and dipping with some clean dancehall style, when Nancy touch 'Bam Bam' the audience couldn't help but to sing along. Nancy got a lot of forward and that's when you know dance sweet. The night belongs to Johnny Osbourne though, here is an artist that span many decades playing Reggae music, in the dancehall, studios, stages, dubplates.. you name it and to see him going this strong is truly a blessing. This is not our first time backing Johnny and he seem to be at home with us and just let it flow. Pressor we respect the effort, we know it is a lot of challenge but Jah music must play. After the show in Charlotte we drove straight to Jacksonville Florida for a show with Honey Comb ( Tony Rebel's younger brother). Thou the show was not a lot in attendance a foundation was laid. Honey Comb is very promising and in the near future we are sure that his name will be all over the place, as an up and coming singer he has a lot of experiences touring with his bigger brother Tony Rebel. His direction as an artist is very inspiring and as roots as one can get. Great singer and performer. Sobaak was another performer on the Jacksonville bill, nice clean dancehall style, his style is a crowd rocker. Lots more to come from this entertainer. Oneness production was responsible for the show. Martin is the head of Oneness Production and is a true souldier of Reggae Music, he is in tune with the way to make artist feel at home. This is a company that is going places. Over all the experiences were inspiring and uplifting. Lot of promises for the future. Don't forget to check Honey Comb at Rebel Salute in Jamaica, Saturday, January 14, 2006. Jah Guidance

Roots of Dub Funk 4 - June 16, 2005

Released in 2004, Roots of Dub Funk 4: Rise of the Eclectic Dread features hard core dub tracks from artists all over the world, including Mystic Vibrations. Go to to get your copy. To listen to MV's contribution to this album, go to the "Music" link on this site and click on "Dub Games".

Peter Tosh Tribute Album - June 16, 2005

Go to to get your copy of the new Peter Tosh tribute album featuring Andrew Tosh, Jerry Garcia and Mystic Vibrations. To listen to a clip of MV's track on this album, go to the "Music" link on this site and click on "Igzebier".

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